Dr Guy Perry

Dr Guy Perry

Teaching Fellow in Medieval History and Deputy Director of the Institute for Medieval Studies

+44 (0)113 343 3601

Summary: French-speaking aristocracy, the Mediterranean and the Crusades

Location: Michael Sadler Building

Having done my BA/MA, MSt and DPhil at Lincoln College, Oxford, I went on to hold a variety of posts at Royal Holloway, Leeds and Oxford before returning to Leeds, as a Teaching Fellow, in September 2017. I am also a Fellow of the HEA, and am currently serving as the Deputy Director of the IMS.


Modules that I have taught or helped to teach at Leeds include:

- Historical Skills (HIST 1055)

- Medieval and Renaissance Europe (HIST 1090) 

- Primary Sources for the Historian: an Introduction to Documentary Study (HIST 1300)

- The Crusades and the Crusader States in the Twelfth Century (HIST 2030) 

- The Crusades and Medieval Christendom (HIST 2031)

- English History 1066-1216: the Creation and Destruction of the Anglo-Norman Kingdom (HIST 2210)

- The Norman Kingdom of Sicily (HIST 3030)

- Christian Society and the Crusades, 1185-1230 (HIST 5870)

- Medieval Narratives in the Modern World: Nationalism, Terrorism and Popular Culture (MEDV 1085)

- Conflict and War in the Late Middle Ages: Prevention, Execution and Rhetoric (MEDV 3530)

- Palaeography: Reading Medieval Manuscripts (MEDV 5120)

I have also co-supervised a doctoral student: Hilary Rhodes, ‘Burgundy and the Crusades, 1095-1291’.


John of Brienne: King of Jerusalem, Emperor of Constantinople, c.1175-1237 (Cambridge, 2013).

The Briennes: the Rise and Fall of a Champenois Dynasty in the Age of the Crusades (CUP, forthcoming).

The Fifth Crusade in Context, ed. E. Mylod, G. Perry, T. Smith and J. Vandeburie (Routledge, 2016). This volume also contains an article of mine: ‘From King John of Jerusalem to the Emperor-elect Frederick II: a Neglected Letter from the Fifth Crusade’.

‘The Fifth Crusade and the Levant in the Early Thirteenth Century’, The Cambridge History of the Crusades, vol. ii, ed. J. Phillips and A. Jotischky (CUP, forthcoming).

'"Scandalia...tam in oriente quam in occidente": the Briennes in East and West, 1213-1221', Crusades 10 (2011), 63-77.

‘Isabella or Yolanda? The Name of the Queen of Jerusalem and Spouse of the Emperor Frederick II’, Medieval Prosopography 30 (2015), 73-86.

‘A King of Jerusalem in England: the Visit of John of Brienne in 1223’, History 100, no. 343 (2015), 627-39.

‘The Hinge of the Mediterranean: Hafsid Ifriqiya and Louis IX’s Crusade to Tunis in 1270’, in a forthcoming Festschrift, ed. G. Lippiatt and J. Pitcher.

‘Honorius III and Frederick II: A Personal History’, in a volume to be published by Routledge, ed. D. Smith and T. Smith.

I have also written a wide range of book reviews. Most of these can be found in EHR and Reviews in History.

Current projects: 

I am currently engaged in research for a work entitled The Emperor Frederick II and the Crusader States. This book will be part of the series entitled ‘Rulers of the Latin East’, ed. N. Morton and J. Phillips, and it will be published by Routledge. In addition, I am writing a broader work on Church-State relations during the Middle Ages and their impact on the modern world.

I am also a part of two major research projects that are currently putting in for funding:

- ‘Crusaders to the Holy Land, 1095-1291’, which will centre on an online database of crusaders

- ‘Not for King or Country: the British Isles and Transnational Military Service, from the Crusades to the Present Day’