Dr Michael Spence

Visiting Research Fellow

Summary: My main areas of interest are: medieval record-keeping; early documentary history of Northern England; economic history of northern monasteries, manuscript digitisation and digital humanities



Record-keeping and Archival Redaction  at Fountains Abbey (Brepols, in preparation).


‘Stimulating the Institutional Memory: the President Book of Fountains Abbey’, in Les Pratiques de l’écrit dans les Abbayes Cisterciennes; Actes du Colloque International Troyes-Abbaye de Clairvaux 28-30 octobre 2015, ed. Arnaud Baudin and Laurent Morelle (Paris: Somogy, 2016), 294-304.

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Translation of part of De viis maris in ‘Roger of Howden’s Sailing Directions for the English Coast’, by Paul Hughes, Historical Research, 230 (2012), 576-96 (pp.590-94)   < DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-2281.2012.00602.x> ;

‘Cartularies of Fountains Abbey: Archival Systems and Practices’, Citeaux: commentarii cistercienses, 61 (2010), 185-205;


October 2017, 3D Archaeological Society, 'A History of Aldfield and Fountains Abbey' 

November 2015, North Craven Heritage Group, 'Craven and the Disputed Election at Fountains Abbey'

April 2015, Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority Day School: 'The Lost Charters of Bordley'

November 2014, Ingleborough Archaeology Group: 'Monastic Malham'

September 2014, Upper Wharfedale Heritage Group: 'The Craven Granges of Fountains Abbey'

April 2013, Yorkshire Archaeological Society, Medieval Section: 'Record-keeping at Fountains Abbey' 

IMC 2012: 'Scribes of Fountains Abbey'

IMC 2011: 'A Fresh Look at Fountains Rentals'

IMC 2010: 'Fountains Abbey: Making the Documentary Connection'

IMC 2009: 'President or Precedent: Cross-Referral in the Records of Fountains Abbey'


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