Dr Jack Woods

University Academic Fellow in Mathematical Philosophy

Summary: Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Language, Metaethics

Location: P46, Parkinson Building

Jack Woods works on issues of normativity, logicality, and the foundations of meaning. His recent work has focused on developing a broadly conventionalist approach to normativity, especially the normativity of logic ('logic' being rather broadly construed.)

Jack completed his PhD in 2013 at Princeton, working with John Burgess. He was Assistant Professor in the Philosophy Dept. at Bilkent University from 2013-2016. For fuller details, please see his personal webpage at http://www.jack-woods.com/.

Selected Publications

(2016) The Normative Force of Promising, Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics, vol 6.

(2016) Assertion, Denial, Content, and (logical) Form, Synthese, vol 193, no. 6

(2015) How Expressivists Can and Should Explain Inconsistency (joint with Derek Baker), Ethics, vol 125, no. 2.

(2015) Expressivism Worth the Name: A Reply to Teemu Toppinen, Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy

(2014) Logical Indefinites, Logique Et Analyse (New Essays on Logical Consequence), vol. 57, no. 227.

(2014) Expressivism and Moore's Paradox, Philosophers' Imprint, vol 14, no. 5.

(2012) Failures of Categoricity and Completeness for Intuitionistic Disjunction, vol 1, no 4.

Selected Forthcoming Publications

Characterizing Invariance, Ergo

Mathematics, Morality, and Self-Effacement, Noûs

The Frege-Geach Problem, Routledge Handbook of Metaethics, eds. Tristram McPherson and David Plunkett