Dr Sarah Waters

Dr Sarah Waters

Senior Lecturer in French;

+44 (0)113 343 3473

Summary: Social protest and conflict in contemporary France; social movement theory (Alain Touraine, Pierre Bourdieu); May 1968; altermondialisme; 2008 economic crisis


I was an undergraduate of French and Italian at University College Dublin and a postgraduate at the University of Limerick, where I completed an MA in European Integration and a PhD. I spent a year as a lectrice in Rouen and in 1993 was appointed to a lectureship in French at the University of Leeds, where I am now a Senior Lecturer.


I teach mainly 20th- and 21st-century French politics and society on the following modules: Readings in Modern French Society (Level 1); Politics and Society in France since 1945 (Level 2); Social and Ideological Change in France since 1968 (Level 3); Contemporary Political Issues in France (Level 3). I am module convenor for the French dissertation module (Level 3). I also contribute to teaching on other courses including language and literature.


My research focuses on 20th- and 21st-century French politics and society and I am particularly interested in the theory and practice of social movements. My latest monograph (Continuum, 2012) focuses on questions of globalisation, opposition and identity in contemporary France. This is a continuation of earlier work on the French protest grouping, Attac and on the role of leftist intellectuals in opposing neo-liberalism. I have also carried out research on the Confédération Paysanne and have interviewed the organisation's current leader and this research was published as an article for French Politics, Culture and Society in 2010.

In 2008 I co-organised (with I. Cornils and A. O'Leary) a major international conference at the University of Leeds on 'Memories of 1968: International Perspectives', and I secured funding for this conference from the French Embassy and the ASMCF; Selected papers from the conference were published as a volume which I co-edited with I. Cornils (Lang, 2010).

Research Supervision

I could offer research supervision in areas including social movement theory (particularly the work of Alain Touraine, Alberto Melucci and Pierre Bourdieu), protest and social conflict in contemporary France, new social movements, leftist intellectuals, globalisation and opposition in France and debates on the 2008 economic crisis.



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Book chapters and articles 

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