Dr Claire Lozier

Dr Claire Lozier

Lecturer in French

+44 (0)113 343 3489

Summary: Twentieth-century aesthetics of the extreme; baroque aesthetics; sublime; abject; obscenity and pornography; representations of death; stylistics; rhetoric; Georges Bataille; Jean Genet; Samuel Becket



Licence (Nice), MA (Kent), Maîtrise (Nice), Ph.D (Kent), Doctorat (Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle), Agrégation de Lettres Modernes

Claire Lozier was educated in France and in England. She studied for a BA in French and Comparative Literature at the Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, France (2000-2003). In 2003, she came to England as an Erasmus exchange student to study for an MA in Comparative Literature at the University of Kent. In the same year, she was awarded a 'Master' in Comparative Literature by the Université Nice Sophia Antipolis. She was awarded the CAPES and 'Agrégation de Lettres Modernes' in 2006. She returned to the UK to study for a PhD in cotutelle between the University of Kent and the Université Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle. Her thesis examined the deconstruction of the relationship between the abject and the sublime in the works of Georges Bataille, Jean Genet and Samuel Beckett. In 2008, she was a 'pensionnaire étranger' at the Ecole Normale Supérieure (Rue d'Ulm). Her PhD was awarded in 2010.

Claire worked as an Assistant Lecturer in French and Comparative Literature at the University of Kent from 2006 to 2009. After a year of teaching practice as an 'Agrégée' in Paris (2009-2010), she worked as an Associate Lecturer in French and Comparative Literature at the University of Kent (2010), and subsequently as a Teaching Fellow in French at the University of Leicester (2011). She joined French at Leeds in 2011.


Claire teaches literature and culture ('Introduction to French Studies: Resistance and Desire', 'The Age of Extremes: Culture, Crisis and Commitment between the Wars'), cinema ('Introduction to Film Studies', 'The Seventh Art: Cinema in France') and language (grammar and translation level 3) modules.

Administrative roles

2016-18: Residence Abroad Tutor (French)

2014-15: Admissions Tutor (French)

2013-14: British Council Language Exchange Coordinator (French)

2011-14: School Employability Officer


Claire's principal research interests are twentieth-century extreme aesthetics and stylistics; baroque aesthetics and art; the sublime; the abject; obscenity and pornography.

Her thesis, entitled De l'abject et du sublime: Georges Bataille, Jean Genet, Samuel Beckett, examines the destabilization of the hierarchical relationship between the abject and the sublime in the works of these authors. It shows that the question of the sublime is raised each time there is a crisis within representation (in the age of poetics, of aesthetics, or in the present day) in order to set up a confrontation between art and that which exceeds art, permitting art to renew itself. It also argues that whenever the notion of the sublime appears it moves in proximity to - and sometimes merges with - its opposite: the abject. This is the case in the works of Bataille, Genet and Beckett, in which a doxa that understands the world and organizes values in terms of purely antithetical paradigms is deconstructed. The thesis identifies the points of contact and exchange between the two concepts in the work of these writers and demonstrates the need to consider the links and affinities between them in all attempts at artistic renewal.



De l'Abject et du sublime: Georges Bataille, Jean Genet, Samuel Beckett (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2012)

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Polly Gallis, PhD candidate (started 2015), 'Pornography in the Works of Nancy Huston, Annie Ernaux and Nelly Arcan'. WROCAH/AHRC funded.

Clara Breteau, PhD candidate (started 2014), 'POEM: POesis in the Era of Metamorphosis: a New Proxy for our Times?'. WROCAH/AHRC funded.

Lorna Sharman, MA (2012-13), 'Amélie Nothomb: Identity and the roman familial'. AHRC funded.

Mansoor Al-Alharthey, PhD (2012-16), 'The Aesthetics of Reception Theory in Al-āmedī's Al-Muwāzanah'. Funded by the Saudi government.