Jade  Douglas

Jade Douglas

PhD Student in the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies.

Summary: I am a PhD student in the School of LCS, researching contemporary non-minority German, Turkish-German and Russian-Jewish-German literature.

Location: Michael Sadler


I completed my BA in French and German at the University of Leeds in 2014, and remained at the University for my MA in Professional Language and Intercultural Studies. I commenced my PhD research in contemporary German Literature in October 2015 in the School of LCS, funded by a doctoral studentship from the White Rose College of Arts and Humanities.

Research Interests

My research focuses on the complexities, challenges, successes and failures in the attempt at nation-building and cosmopolitan orientation in contemporary Germany, and is linked to Professor Taberner's Leverhulme project which explores the process of coming-to-terms with the past in post-Apartheid South African and post-National Socialism German literature. My project seeks to use contemporary German literature in order to compare and contrast the differing views and perspectives of various societal groups in Germany on the possibility of coming-to-terms with the past and moving into a more 'cosmopolitan' future. It furthermore seeks to explore the inherent contradictions between the process of nation-building (which appears to adhere to the traditional Nation-State framework) on the one hand, and Germany's supposed 'cosmopolitan', global outlook on the other. It also considers how 'belonging' on a national and global level has been redefined in the age of migration and relocation, and what this means for migrants and minorities in Germany. My project thus focuses on the literature produced by three particular societal 'groups': 'non-minority' Germans, Turkish-Germans and Russian-Jewish-Germans, comparing the views reflected within these works on the social, cultural and political tensions within German society today.