Dr Ingo Cornils

Dr Ingo Cornils

Senior Lecturer in German;

Director of Joint Honours Programmes

+44 (0)113 343 3513

Summary: Zukunftsbewältigung: Utopian Thought, especially in Romanticism, the German Student Movement ('1968'), Science Fiction, and in the works of Kurd Lasswitz, Hermann Hesse and Uwe Timm.

Location: Michael Sadler Building R.215


A native of Schleswig-Holstein, Ingo Cornils was educated at the Theodor Mommsen Schule in Bad Oldesloe and Belmond High School, Iowa. After his Zivildienst he attended the University of Hamburg (First Staatsexamen/MA; PhD) and the University of California at Santa Barbara. Following teacher training (Second Staatsexamen/PGCE) and a stint in advertising, he came to England in 1987 as DAAD Lektor at the Leeds Polytechnic from 1987 until 1990. At the University of Leeds, he worked as Senior Teaching Fellow in the Department of German and the Language Centre (as Director of Language Centre Modules) from 1990. He joined the Department of German full-time in August 1999, served as Head of Department 2002-2005, as Head of Department of the newly merged Department of German, Russian and Slavonic Studies (GRASS) from 2007-2010, as Director of Student Education for the School of Modern Languages and Cultures from 2011-2014, and as Director of Joint Honours Programmes in the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies from 2015-2018. He is a member of the University Senate 2016-2019.

He is a member of:

and occasionally blogs at http://www.icornils.wordpress.com/


    A trained teacher, he has helped to set up the institution-wide language programme at Leeds which offers general and specialised language tuition from ab initio to advanced level. For many years he taught German Current Affairs in their Political Context, an innovative lecture course involving task-focused group work and extensive use of a custom-built German news archive. Committed to teaching in German, he has coordinated and developed numerous modules at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, including Core German Language, Introduction to Modern Germany, Berlin Republic, German for Business, Applied Translation, German Student Movement, German Science Fiction, German Dissertation, Anglo-German Cultural Relations, and The novels of Hermann Hesse. He was awarded a grant to develop the German Dissertation so that students approach it as a research project in its own right (a forerunner of the Final Year Project) Finished projects were presented at a student-led conference and in an e-journal. His module German Utopian Thought in Fiction and Film achieved 100% student satisfaction and was praised by external examiners: "A new final year module, German Utopian Thought, covers an exciting variety of primary material. This module inspired students to some fine performances and written work in the target language was well supported as part of the module structure." He was shortlisted for the Leeds University Union Partnership Awards.

    In 2017/2018, he taught in the following modules:

    Level Subject
    Level 1 MODL 1150 Worlds of Literature
    Level 2 GERM 2310/2311 Berliner Republik
    Level 3 GERM 3170 German Utopian Thought in Fiction and Film
    Level 3 MODL 3030 Final Year Research Project

    Research Supervision

    Ingo Cornils is interested in supervising suitably qualified candidates who want to pursue research in the area of utopian thought, be it political, romantic or fantastic. His particular expertise is in the literary representation of the German Student Movement, the history of German Science Fiction from Kurd Laßwitz to Andreas Eschbach and Martin Burckhardt, and the works and influence of Hermann Hesse.

    Currently, he is working with the following PhD candidates:


    • Neale Cunningham (Hermann Hesse's Reception in Japan) - PhD 
    • Adam Roberts (Masks of Fiction. The Function of the Nietzschean Mask in the Works of Hermann Hesse)
       - PhD
    • Kevin Pike (Removing the Boot-Boys from German Politics. Unconstitutionality Proceedings pursuant to Article 21, Paragraph 2 of the German Constitution: The Case of the NPD) - MA


    His research focuses on the complex relationship between political, utopian and fantastic thought. He has a particular interest in Romanticism, the construction and representation of the German Student Movement, German Science Fiction, and in the works of Kurd Lasswitz, Hermann Hesse and Uwe Timm.

    He recently completed a monograph titled 'Writing the Revolution. The Construction of 1968 in Germany'. This book argues that writing about '1968', in its German context, is no longer about the historical events or the aims and objectives of a by-gone counter-cultural movement, but rather about a moral touchstone, a unique identifier of social groups, and an identity construct, to keep alive a utopian agenda that continues to fire the imagination. It demonstrates that the representation of 1968 as a ‘foundational myth’ suits a number of surprisingly heterogeneous groups, and that even the myth’s deconstruction strengthens it. Most importantly, it shows how for more almost five decades a small group of determined writers, intellectuals, journalists and academics have kept ‘1968’ in the foreground of public debate, thereby ensuring that the experience of this ‘utopian moment’ (Jay Winter) maintains its subversive potential.

    His new book project, 'Beyond Tomorrow. German Science Fiction and Utopian Thought in the 20th and 21st Century', explores the question of how humanity can match its technological progress with an appropriate social, ethical and moral progress. In an era in which scientific and technological advances have revolutionised our capabilities to radically alter ourselves and the physical world around us, literary responses have become increasingly dystopian in outlook. They reflect the fears and misgivings about: increasingly porous boundaries (global communication network, virtual realities, national identities, cosmetic surgery); conceptual paradigm shifts (artificial intelligence, quantum physics, nanotechnology, genetic engineering, gender reassignment); and persistent global challenges (climate change, food production and war/terrorism), all of which require a new form of consciousness (cf. Yuval Noah Harari’s Homo Deus). Since the turn of the millennium, German writers have increasingly engaged with the moral and ethical dilemmas created by these challenges. Building on the rich tradition of German Science Fiction from Kurd Lasswitz (1848-1910) to Carl Amery (1922-2005), they explore in thoughtful and accessible mind-experiments the dangers and frontiers of our new capabilities, and also the opportunities should we succeed in harnessing the potential inherent in these paradigm changes. Beneath their dystopian guise, these writers attempt Zukunftsbewältigung: valuable strategies that may help us cope with an uncertain but also unwritten future.

    a) Books / Edited Books / Edited Journals

      b) Articles / Chapters in Books

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      c) Conference Papers

      • "Seher und Propheten. Hermann Hesse als Vermittler der englischen Literatur", for the Silser Hermann Hesse Tage in Sils Maria, Switzerland (06/18)
      • "Romantic Relapse or Modern Myth? Reflections on the Construction of '1968' in Germany", for the symposium 1968 and all that at the Institute for German Studies in Birmingham (03/18)
      • "Coming to Terms with the Future. On Recent German Dystopias", for the seminar The Future is Now at the ACLA in Utrecht (07/17)
      • "'Where I am, is Germany.' German Family Sagas in the 20th and 21st Century," for the Family Sagas in World Literatures and Visual Culture conference in Leeds (06/17)
      • "Another Long March? Rudi Dutschke and '1968' in German Literature", for the symposium Rudi Dutschke in the UK - political activist, political refugee, political threat? in Cambridge (05/17)
      • "Memories of '68 today", for the Future of Memory in Germany conference at Georgetown University in Washington, DC (11/16)
      • "The Politics of Conscience. Hermann Hesses Struggle with Pacifism", for the Pacifist and Anti-Militarist Writing in German 1892-1928 conference at the Institute for Modern Language Research in London, (09/16)
      • "Hermann Hesse - a model European?", for the Suhrkamp and European Literature Conference at the Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach (03/14) 
      • "Not Dark Yet. The 68ers at 70", for the AGS Conference in Cardiff (04/13) 
      • "Zwischen Mythos und Utopie. Hermann Hesses Suche nach dem Endpunkt des Seins", for the symposium ATTUALITA’ DI HERMANN HESSE. Messaggio per un mondo in crisi? in Rome (9/12)
      • "Hermann Hesse und die englische Romantik", for the International Hesse Conference '...die Grenzen überfliegen' in Berne (03/12)
      • "Between Bauhaus and Bügeleisen. The iconic style of Raumpatrouille (1966)", for the Alternative Worlds seminar series at the Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies in London (04/11) 
      • "Der Schnee von gestern ist die Lawine von morgen. Utopian, dystopian and subversive strategies in recent German Alternate History fictions." Paper for the Association for Research in the Fantastic Conference Fremde Welten in Hamburg (10/10) - watch here
      • "The German Student Movement - Research Perspectives", for the Protest Movements after '1968' TRAMS research seminar in Copenhagen (09/10)

      d) Book Reviews

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      e) Current Projects

      • Beyond Tomorrow. German Science Fiction and Utopian Thought in the 20th and 21st Century (monograph)
      • First Contact. Kurd Lasswitz' Sternentau (journal article)
      • Dunkle Spiegel: der dystopische ‚turn‘ in der Weltliteratur (journal article)
      • The Hyperion Connection (journal article)
      • Magister Mundi. Hermann Hesse's Global Impact (monograph)