Kashmir Kaur

Kashmir Kaur

Teaching Fellow (FHEA)

0113 343 3355

Summary: Currently teaching English for Academic Purposes to post-graduate students, co-ordinating the Foreign Language Assistants’ Course and collaborating on the South West Jiaotong University (SWJT) project

Location: Room 3.01b, Parkinson Building


Qualifications and Biography:

MA Race & Resistance - History (University of Leeds)

MA Linguistics & English Language Teaching (University of Leeds)

PGCE Post Compulsory Education & Training (University of Leeds)

CertTESOL (TEFL/Trinity College Certificate) (Leeds Metropolitan University) 

BA English & History (Leeds Metropolitan University) 

Higher Education Academy Fellow 

Teaching and Leadership:    

I have taught English for Academic Purposes on a variety of courses to both postgraduate and undergraduate students at Leeds University since October 2008. I manage the Foreign Language Assistants’ Course and was the Level 2 Module Leader - Academic English for Postgraduate Studies (AEPS) - prior to collaborating on the joint school project between the Leeds Engineering Faculty and the SWJT University. This entailed spending approximately two months in China which included 7 weeks teaching in Chengdu in Semester 1 in 2017 and 2018. I was the lead in developing and delivering the Academic Communication module for the Academic English for Postgraduate Studies’ programme. For the Language in Context (LinC) course, I developed and taught a module on sustainability which focussed on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations and linked them to the students' disciplines.

My teaching experience also includes Academic English at Durham University, International Foundation Course at Leeds Metropolitan University and ESOL at Shipley & Leeds City colleges. Additionally, I taught English for the British Council in Beirut where I was  involved in developing and delivering professional development training to Palestinian and Lebanese teachers regarding teaching content in the medium of English.

Prior to moving into the education sector, I spent several years working in the broadcasting industry. My time in television gave me extensive business and media experience and an in depth knowledge of programme making particularly in the documentaries, features and factual entertainment departments.

Teaching Enhancement Work:

  • In partnership with international and home students, I have instigated and organised filming audio/visual/media resources for SWJTU and Language Department students. This is an on-going project.
  • I initiated SWJTU students to connect with international students in Chengdu which has resulted in language exchange and intercultural partnerships; this has successfully extended to partnerships with students studying Chinese at Leeds.
  • I am a member of the Foreign Language Assistants' Committee. An aspect which entails organising extra curricula activities and various initiatives that 'add value' e.g. enabling returning year abroad undergraduate language students to collaborate with native speakers of French, Spanish and German.
  • I am involved in mentoring. I have mentored colleagues and PhD students new to EAP teaching and teaching in general, respectively. I have also mentored groups of international and home students on the Intercultural Ambassador programme.
  • I have taken responsibility to progress the University’s Sustainability and Green Impact initiatives in the department by involving student interns from across the University and language students in the department.

Scholarship Interests:

My research interests in education are varied. They intersect around student identity, engagement and internationalisation as well as classroom research covering aspects such as academic reading/ writing and language learning and new technology such as digital literacies. I have conducted several small scale action research based projects concerning student engagement, self-directed learning and digital resources. Currently, I am involved in a couple of research studies with respect to formative feedback and SWJTU students’ engagement and identity. I am also working in partnership with a student on a piece of research on international students’ socialisation with domestic students.

My scholarship interest in 'criticality' includes collaboration with other institutions. I have worked with a colleague from Durham University on a joint project concerning Critical EAP in the classroom which is influenced by Sarah Benesch's, Critical English for Academic Purposes: Theory, Politics and Practice. A colleague from Universidad Europea de Madrid and I developed materials for a workshop on Criticality in EAP for the Universidad.

With my history hat, my interests extend to oral history, memory and archive whereby enabling the ‘absent silenced’ to be accorded a voice.  I have explored opportunities with colleagues for a Sadler Seminar Series proposal on the theme of ‘Archiving voices and lives from the margins’ and at the moment, investigating collaboration with the 1947 Partition Archive.

Conference Talks, Publications & Workshops:

'Effective Formative Feedback through Audio', University of Sheffield, English Language Teaching Centre, Teacher Development Training Day, 12 January, 2018. 

'Enhancing International Student Experience Through Audio Formative Feedback', Workshop: Enhancing Learning and Teaching through Effective Feedback, School of Languages, Cultures and Societies, University of Leeds, 12 December, 2017.

'Crossing borders...shifting sands: An investigation of Chinese students' study experiences in Leeds and in Chengdu', Language Education Across Borders Conference, University of Graz, Austria, 8-10 December 2017.

'Enhancing International Student Experience Through Audio Formative Feedback', Innovative Ideas for Enhanced Student Engagement, INFORM Conference, University of Reading, 15 July 2017.

Kaur, K. (2017) ''Full Steam Ahead At BALEAP': A Review of the BALEAP Bristol 2017 Conference', The Leeds Language Scholar Journal [ONLINE] languagescholar.leeds.ac.uk, issue 1. Available from: http://languagescholar.leeds.ac.uk/full-steam-ahead-at-baleap-a-review-of-the-baleap-bristol-2017-conference/

Kaur, K. (2013), ‘Developing Environmental Perspectives Through Self-Directed Learning’, Student Education Bulletin, Issue 8: 8-9.

Kaur, K. (2013), ‘Qualitative Research in Language Education: Report on a Workshop by David Nunan’, ELT Research, Issue 28: 31-32.

‘Critical Engagement Through Global Citizenship’, Student Education Conference, University of Leeds, with Alison Leslie January 2013.

‘How do students’ writing skills compare when working alone and when working collaboratively?’ English Language Connections Conference, Leeds Metropolitan University, 20-21 May 2011. 

‘One Size Fits All’ Poster Presentation at BALEAP Professional Issues Meeting ‘“How Low Can We Go” Issues, Insights and Innovations’, University of Bristol – with M. Parkin, J. Poole & C. Poulson - 12 February 2011.


April 2018 - awarded the 'Innovation' award at the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures Partnership Awards. This recognises "The person or group who uses innovative methods and approaches to engage and excite others; such as through embracing new learning technology or through presenting challenging ideas in a way to spark discussion to further the understanding of a subject area."      

June 2017 - Shortlisted for the University of Leeds Sustainability Awards in the category of 'Building Knowledge and Capacity' for introducing, developing and producing a bank of authentic audio/visual listening materials on the concept of sustainability, primarily to be utilised in the English module of the University of Leeds Engineering degrees at the South West Jiaotong University - Leeds Joint School in Chengdu.