Dr Gregorio Alonso

Dr Gregorio Alonso

Lecturer in Spanish History

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Summary: Political and religious conflicts in Modern Europe and Latin America; the making of the liberal, nationalistic and Catholic traditions during the nineteenth century; democracy and democratization.

Research Interests

My research ranges from the study of political and religious conflicts in Modern Europe and Latin America to the making of the liberal and the Catholic traditions during the Nineteenth Century. I am interested in the political, cultural and religious aspects of Modernity in comparative perspective. My publications include the monograph La nación en capilla. Ciudadanía Católica y cuestión religiosa en España (Comares: 2014) and two co-edited volumes: The Politics and Memory of Democratic Transition. The Spanish Model (Routledge: 2011) and Londres y el Liberalismo Hispánico (Iberoamericana/Vervuert: 2011). I am currently working on a monograph on the European experience and legacy of the Latin American Libertadores before, during and after the independence process.

Major Publications


Edited Monographic Journals

Book Chapters and Journal Articles

  • "Vicente Rocafuerte y las independencias atlánticas. Un recorrido constitutional de Cádiz 1812 a Cúcuta 1821", Roberto Breña (ed.) Cadiz a debate: actualidad, contexto y legado. (Mexico DF: Colegio de México, 2014), 377-397.
  • '"Aggressive secularism' reassessed: Spanish State-Catholic Church Relations (2004-2012) in perspective', Kirchliche Zeitgesichte/Contemporary Church History, 25. Jahrgang/Vol.25, Heft 2/Issue 2, 2012, 320-335.
  •  ‘Ciudadanía católica, pensamiento absolutista y libertad de imprenta en las Cortes de Cádiz’ in Elisabel Larriba y Fernando Durán López (eds.),El nacimiento de la libertad de imprenta. Antecedentes, promulgación y consecuencias del decreto de 10 de noviembre de 1810, (Madrid: Editorial Sílex,  2012). 267-281.
  • Polarización, clases sociales y grandes potencias en el final del mundo oligárquico” in Navajas Zubeldia, Carlos and Diego Iturriaga Barco (eds.), Coetánea. Actas del III Congreso Internacional de Historia de Nuestro Tiempo. (Logroño: Universidad de la Rioja, 2012), 43-54. 
  • 'Children of a Lesser God. The pastoral and political action of the Catholic Church', Alonso, Gregorio and Diego Muro (eds.), The politics and memory of the Democratic Transition, 113-135.
  • 'Learning from the Enemy: Liberal Catholicism and Protestantism in the Exiles Experience', Muñoz-Sempere, Daniel y Gregorio Alonso (eds.), Londres y el Liberalismo Hispánico. , 59-75.
  • "Dudas y desencantos de una sociedad civil emergente: la secularización de la España rural decimonónica" Francisco Cobo y Margarita Ortega (eds.), La España rural. Siglos XIX y XX. (Granada: Comares, 2010), 1-21.
  • "La nación estrábica: los orígenes internacionales de la libertad religiosa en España", España Contemporánea. Revista de Literatura y Cultura, vol. XXIII, n. 1, Ohio State University, 2010, 45-67.

Invited Lectures and Forthcoming Activities

Blog post 2017



'A networked city: Miranda, Bentham and Bello'. UCL Cafe Culture, University of London, 12 July.



 'Beyond Solon and Lycurgus: Vicente Rocafuerte and American Liberty, The Latin American Centre, University of Oxford, 6 November. 


"Maneras utópicas (y distópicas) de vivir en el catolicismo decimonónico", Congreso Internacional Utopías y Distopías en el Mundo Hispánico, siglos XVIII-XX, CSIC-Proyecto IMAGEST- Nineteenth Century Hispanists Network, Madrid, 20-21 March.

'Jeremy Bentham resonates in Hispanic Liberalism', IV International Symposium of the Nineteenth- Century Hispanists Network, York University (Toronto, Canada), 25-26 April.

External Positions

  • Academic referee for ASEN, Palgrave, Biblioteca Nueva, European History Quarterly, Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, History of European Ideas, Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies, Contemporary European History, Memory Studies and Nations and Nationalism,  and Spain-based publishing houses Siglo XXI and Biblioteca Nueva and journals AYER, Historia y Política, Memoria e Historia, Historia del Presente and Hispania Sacra.
  • Co-director of the Nineteenth-Century Hispanists Network with Pr Andrew Ginger (University of Bristol) and Dr Geraldine Lawless (Queen's University Belfast) 
  • Fellow of the Royal Historical Society


  • MODL1070 World Histories
  • MODL1100 Politics, Culture and Society
  • SPPO1045 Historical Development of Spain and Hispanic America (coordinator)
  • SPPO1060 Essay Project in Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies
  • SPPO2510 Latin America since Independence
  • SPPO2680 Modern Spain
  • SPPO3071 Contemporary Spain: Spain After Franco (coordinator)
  • SPPO3541 The religious question in Modern Spain (coordinator)
  • MA module: HIST5867 The Fragility of the Spanish State : Identity, Conflict and Resistance, 1808-1939 

Supervised Postgraduate Students

Nicholas Hutcheon (PhD). Completed June 2015

Jesús Sanjurjo Ramos (PhD)

Liam Morris (PhD) 

Postgraduate Research Supervision

  • Nineteenth and early Twentieth century Europe and Spain
  • Cultural and religious Modern European History
  • Nationalism and modernization
  • Theories of secularization and democratization
  • Social and protest movements
  • Britain and Latin American Independence