Supporting society

​From understanding the origins of the words we use, to using the latest technology for caring and connection, see how research is ‘supporting society’ with these activities:

Artificial intelligence: 'New Kid on the Block' for home assistance

Robbie, the Home Care Robot will show you how house-bound individuals will be assisted at home in their day to-day activities. Ask Robbie your questions, learn about the circulation system and help us to put our model of the human body back together again.

Find the artist

We experience the work of artists every day by listening to music, reading comics, watching TV, sharing images, looking at paintings. But where are the artists? Find the artists across our city and discover what it’s like to create art!

In your words: The Dialect and Heritage Project 

Why do we use the words we do and where did they come from? Meet the Dialect and Heritage Project team and find out how language is passed down through the generations. Listen to dialect through time, take a look at some of our treasured collections items, take part in our dialect games and share your own words with us.

Seeing Stars

See outer space through a different lens! Join us as we shine a light on contemporary artists who use and challenge the newest technologies for space imaging in their art practice, inspired by the Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery’s Seeing Stars exhibition.

The bond of blood: how sharing blood brings us together​​​​​​

Learn about the histories and cultures of blood donation and transfusion across the world. Make a blood bracelet and take part in our interactive activities which explore the exciting historical collections of the Thackray Museum of Medicine.

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