Tinker Space

New for 2022 is our Tinker space, which encourages families to spend time getting back to all things hands-on: making, doing, gluing, exploring and more!

Explore exciting research through creative activities and maker kits, which will be available for visitors to get making on the day, or take home to continue their Be Curious experience.

Belonging through creativity​​​​​​

Can creativity help you to feel connected to your family, friends and people around you? Come along and help us to create a beautiful structure that shows the connections between what’s important to you, the people who support you, and your sense of belonging.

Bridging boundaries: fossils as cultural, historical and scientific objects

Find out about fossils and explore palaeontology research! Taking inspiration from fossils from our collections and fossil discoveries in Leeds, apply your creative skills to create your own fossil print to take home!

Costumes and identity: drop in mask making workshop​​​​​​

How do costumes impact on identity? In this family-friendly workshop, you can make your very own mask and consider how wearing a costume may change how you think about yourself and other people.

Different perspectives with shadow puppet theatre

Our transmission electron microscope produces 2D projected images of 3D materials, so information can easily be lost. Help us to capture the complete picture with different projections. Learn more about projections by making your own shadow puppet show with us.

Encounters with clay

Experience the wonders of the mycelian network through fungi and clay. Led by your sense of touch, learn all about the interconnectivity of ecology by moulding your very own species of fungi out of clay!

Life under pressure in the depths of the ocean

The oceans are teeming with life! Come along and try our Maker Kits and explore how fish have adapted to survive at high pressure. Make your own extreme-adapted fish, play with pressure-protecting molecules, and learn about the latest research into life under pressure at Leeds.

Marvellous microbes

What do bacteria, viruses, and fungi look like? Explore the marvellous world of microbes and learn about their different shapes and sizes through hands-on models and making. Experience models in augmented reality using the latest digital technology and get creative with a range of activities to suit all abilities.

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