Be Curious LATES programme

Join us for our winter series of Be Curious LATES events, exclusively for grown-ups! 

Each night, we invite you to meet three of our researchers and get to grips with the world-leading and wondrous research that goes on inside a university.

Upcoming LATES events

Be Curious LATES: something to Bragg about

Wednesday 2 February, 8-9pm

The Bragg Centre for Materials Research brings together scientists and engineers with the aim of discovering, creating and designing new materials. 

Join us as we delve into the ground-breaking work of its namesake, Sir William Henry Bragg, which changed the way we understand the world around us, and explore his continued legacy.

The subject of a new exhibition at the Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery, discover the story behind Bragg's Nobel Prize winning work, undertaken with his son Lawrence, from a laboratory at the University of Leeds.

From building shapes with DNA, to tackling cancer with microbubbles: we meet researchers from the Bragg Centre and hear how they are developing new insights and solutions for innovative products, devices and applications, inspired by Bragg's discoveries

This free online event is open to all and will be livestreamed to YouTube.

Speakers: Dr Stella Butler, Dr Andy Lee, Professor Steve Evans.

To register for your free ticket visit our Eventbrite page.

Be Curious LATES x Leeds Social Sciences Institute

February/March 2022 (date to be confirmed)

Speakers: to be confirmed.

Previous LATES events

Check out our most recent LATES below and view all of our livestreamed LATES events in the Be Curious LATES YouTube playlist

Be Curious LATES: pioneering pandemic research

From tackling loneliness to investigating impacts on children’s development and addressing the many challenges of Long COVID, researchers are responding to the global pandemic in countless ways. 

Join us as we meet three researchers from the University of Leeds to hear how they are applying their expertise to investigate the impact of COVID-19 and come up with solutions which support society’s recovery.

Explore the rapid research being undertaken to identify the best way to treat and support up to two million people in the UK now living with Long COVID.

Discover the real impact of disruption to Early Years Education and Care during lockdowns and its effects on the development of young children from diverse backgrounds.

And learn about a groundbreaking trial to cut loneliness and depression in older people left socially isolated during the pandemic.

Speakers: Dr Manoj Sivan, Dr Cat Davies, Leanne Shearsmith.

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