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These pages have been left in this location as a service to the numerous websites around the world which link to this content. The original authors are no longer at the University of Leeds, and the former Centre for Human Biology became the School of Biomedical Sciences which is now part of the Faculty of Biological Sciences.

Human Biology
Course/Lecture notes.

Module notes are now available for ...

HUMB 1020 - Introductory Anatomy

HUMB 2040/2130 Workbooks

HUMB 3070 - Evolutionary Developmental Biology

HUMB 1020 - Introductory Anatomy

Text of overhead transparancies for introductory lectures in anatomy

  1. Introduction 
  2. Terminology 
  3. Bones 
  4. Joints 
  5. Muscles & Nerves 
  6. Circulatory System & Blood 
  7. Respiratory System 
  8. Digestive System 
  9. Excretory & Reproductive Systems 

HUMB 2040/2130 Workbooks - please note these are PDF files.


Thorax Model Answers

HUMB 3070 - Evolutionary Developmental Biology

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