International qualifications

If your university qualifications are not from a UK or Irish university you need to provide a document confirming you have GBC and an academic transcript.

These should be attached to your application if possible (see the main Documents page for information on what to do if you do not have the documents in time). If you have applied before and provided the appropriate documents, you should be able to copy these into your current application.

Confirmation of GBC

You need to provide a document from the British Psychological Society (BPS) stating that you have Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (see the International Students section if you need further details about GBC). The BPS usually include this statement in the email or letter they send you when you first become a Graduate member. Please provide a copy of this email/letter. If you have lost it and you are currently a Graduate member you can ask the BPS for another email/letter confirming you have GBC. Please allow at least six weeks for the BPS to process membership applications or requests for further documents.

Academic transcript

You need to provide an academic transcript for the qualification you have which is at a similar level to a UK undergraduate psychology degree (see the International Students section for further guidance if you are unsure about how your qualifications compare).

The transcript should be issued to you by a member of staff at your university (in other words it should not be a printout you create yourself from your student account). The transcript should cover all the years of your course if possible, and be the final document issued once all your results have been verified (not an interim document issued part-way through your study).

If this transcript is not in English please provide an official translation and a copy of the transcript in the original language.

The transcript should include:

  • A list of the modules you took and the marks you got.
  • The overall result of your qualification.
  • The qualification title.
  • Information to identify who took the course e.g. your name, date of birth etc.
  • Information to identify the university where you studied e.g. University name and logo, authorising stamp and signature etc.

We do not need the following:

  • Please do not provide transcripts for any other qualifications.
  • Please do not provide a copy of your qualification certificate.

However, some course centres may have further requirements for documents. Please see the Courses section for details of the requirements of individual course centres.


If you are still studying for a qualification that is at a similar level to a UK undergraduate psychology degree, you should tick the "posting" box on the Documents screen in your application and you must submit your application by the closing date: 1.00pm (UK time) on 17 November 2021. Once you have completed your qualification, please send us a copy of your final academic transcript and confirmation of GBC as soon as you receive them (see the Contact Us page for details of where to send them). Please note that all applications are released to the course centres by the end of January (see the After You Apply section for more details).