18% of applicants succeeded in gaining a place on NHS clinical psychology training in 2020.

Clinical psychology training has excellent completion rates and graduates have excellent rates of employment:

  • The national non-completion rate for NHS trainees for the academic year 2018/2019 was only 0.9%, which includes both people who withdrew from a course and people who failed. This is in line with the rate for the previous 5 years which was between 0.5% and 1.0% each year.
  • For people completing NHS training in 2019, of those who returned data 94.2% took up employment as a clinical psychologist (or in an equivalent post) within 12 months of graduating. This is in line with the rates for the previous 5 years which were between 92.0% and 96.8%.
  • Of those working as clinical psychologists (or in an equivalent post) 95.7% were working in the NHS or in other public sector funded posts. This is in line with the rates for the previous 5 years which were between 93.8% and 97.0%.

For further details please see our Graduate Employment page.

National numbers for NHS places

For the 2020 entry, Health Education England announced a 25% increase in places in England. Numbers of places may change for the 2021 entry. There is no definite information on this as yet. Individual course centres will be in a position to provide details about the number of places available on their programme, and about funding arrangements, when an offer of a place is made.

The graph and table below give national numbers for NHS places. For numbers of places at each course centres please see our Places by Course Centre page.

graph of numbers of applicants and places since 2014

Table of the graph above for NHS places
Year Applicants Places Success Rate
2020 4,225 770 18%
2019 4,054 614 15%
2018 3,866 593 15%
2017 3,932 594 15%
2016 3,730 595 16%
2015 3,698 591 16%
2014 3,796 583 15%