Submitting references

The deadline for references is 1 December 2020. Applications and references are released together to the courses so please make sure we get both of your references in good time.

How we contact your referees

When you give your referees' contact details in your application you will be asked to confirm that we can contact them. When you click the Contact My Referees button this starts the process of emailing your referees to request the references.

We do not wait for you to submit your application before contacting your referees. This is to ensure that referees have enough time to write their references. So please check that your referees are willing to provide a reference before you give us their contact details. Also, your referee cannot start their reference until you provide their contact details, so please do so in good time.

Please provide a workplace email address for both of your referees as we cannot use personal email accounts (eg hotmail, gmail etc) to contact referees. If you do not know your referee's workplace email address you can indicate this in your application. We will then contact you for further details. If you are applying again and asking either of the same referees to provide a reference please see the Choosing Your Referees page for further details.

We email the referee to request the reference. If your referee does not receive this email you can re-send it from the References screen in your application. However, your referee's email software may treat our emails as junk or spam, so please ask your referee to first check their Junk Email folder and/or Spam Email folder. Also, please do not send the email repeatedly as only the most recent one is valid, so this can result in referees having several emails only one of which they can use.

How referees use our website

References are completed on our website and should be written by only one person. The email requesting the reference includes a link which allows your referee to Login (if they have used the website before) or Register (if they are using it for the first time). Once your referee has registered or logged in, they can start writing their reference.

We suggest that you send your referee a copy of our Factsheet for Referees, which gives basic information about references, and you may also wish to send them our Guide for Referees, which takes them through the reference process screen by screen:

Basic information about references - download our Factsheet for Referees pdf or Factsheet for Referees in Word

Screen by screen guidance for referees - download our Guide for Referees pdf or Guide for Referees in Word

Referees can save their answers and then return to the reference to edit it further when convenient, in the same way that you can save and then edit sections of your application. Referees must answer all the questions in a reference before they can submit it, though most questions have a "not applicable" or similar option. If any questions have not been answered and the referee clicks the Submit button, a message will appear on screen to let them know what is missing.

Once a reference has been submitted it cannot be edited.

If your referee is, for whatever reason, unable to use our website please ask them to contact us about providing the reference (please see the Contact Us page for our details).