What is Clearing?

Clearing is an opportunity to apply for an undergraduate course if you don’t hold any offers from a university or college.

When is Clearing?

You can apply for a course through UCAS Clearing from 5 July 2021 if you already have your exam results. 

Who can apply through Clearing?

UK and international students can be eligible to apply for a course through Clearing.

You can apply to an available course through Clearing if you have your exam results and:

  • You haven’t made a UCAS application this year
  • You didn’t receive any offers (or none you wanted to accept)
  • You didn’t meet the conditions of your firm or insurance offer
  • You’ve declined a firm place in UCAS Track

How do I apply through Clearing?

If you’ve made a UCAS application this year, you can use your UCAS personal ID to log in to your UCAS Track. If you haven’t received any offers, or didn’t meet the conditions of your offer, you’ll automatically be entered into Clearing. You’ll find your Clearing number on the UCAS Track homepage. 

If you’re holding a firm unconditional place, you can also choose to release yourself into Clearing by using the ‘decline your place’ button in UCAS Track. 

If you’ve not made a UCAS application this year, you first need to register on UCAS and submit an application before you can add a Clearing choice. 

When you’ve found a course you’d like to apply to, make sure you get in touch with the university before adding a Clearing choice in UCAS Track. Once you have a verbal offer that you’re happy with, add this to UCAS Track to confirm that you’re formally accepting the offer. 

What courses are available in Clearing?

You can search our international Clearing vacancies or our UK Clearing vacancies to find available courses. You can also register your interest in Clearing to receive an email when our updated Clearing vacancies are published in August.

What is Adjustment?

If you achieve better results than you needed for your firm choice, you could apply for an alternative course through Adjustment.

When you have your results, check UCAS Track to see if you’re eligible to apply for a course through Adjustment.  

This is an opportunity to reconsider what and where you study. If you don’t find an alternative course through Adjustment, you can stay with your original offer.

Adjustment is available from Tuesday 10 August 2021 until Wednesday 18 August 2021.