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The Cognitive Neuroimaging group are researchers based in the School of Psychology at the University of Leeds. We investigate how people perceive and act on the world, and how we make use of information from our different sensory modalities. The common thread which runs through our work is the application of neuroimaging technologies such as functional magnetic resonance imaging, electroencephalography, and transcranial magnetic/direct current stimulation.

Our current research projects include investigations of somatosensory perception, pain perception, interhemispheric transfer and cognitive aging. Check out our research page for more details on specific projects.

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Be Curious

The CoNi group will be taking part in the University of Leeds' Be Curious Festival on Saturday 19th March, 2016. Come along, and you can meet a broad range of researchers, learn who they are and about what they do, and take part in demonstrations of their work. The event runs from 10am to 4pm at Parkinson Court, University of Leeds. Admission is free.

Interested in participating in an experiment, or want to contact us about other research opportunities? Click here for further contact information!