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NEW: find ESRC TLRP papers

browse through the British Education Thesaurus subject terms and then list all papers classified under your chosen subject
search the list of indexed words in the author, title or subject fields
construct your own direct search in fields that you choose, using Boolean search terms if required
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Hint:You can often achieve a better result by using the Search History option. Make several general searches first, and then use the history option to combine them for greater precision. For example, you might search with Bullying followed by Primary-Education and then by Secondary-Education. The History option then enables you to see which documents containing the word "bullying" are not specifically about Secondary Education but which are about Primary Education. When you want to use the History option remember do not use the "start a new search" link at the top of the page. This will lose all previous search strings. Search options are towards the bottom of each results page. Index or thesaurus browsing is not recorded in the History - only your searches for actual documents will register.
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