Chairman's Foreword

Summary of recommendations

1. Introduction

Terms of reference and background to the review

Approach to our task and relationship to the National Committee

2. Scottish Higher Education



Profile of higher education in Scotland

Funding regimes

Student participation rates and trends

3. The Future of Scottish Higher Education

4. The Core Business of Higher Education

New Scottish qualifications framework

Scottish higher education qualifications


Teaching, quality and standards

Supporting research and scholarship

Scottish higher education and the Scottish economy

5. Organisational Infrastructure


Management of individual institutions

Management of the system


6. Funding Higher Education in Scotland

The funding requirement

Who should pay for higher education?

The options for the graduate contribution

Funding institutions

7. Next Steps

End notes


A Terms of reference and membership of the National Committee

B Terms of reference and membership of the Scottish Committee

C Presentations to the Scottish Committee

D Organisations giving oral evidence and their representatives

E Institutional visits and meetings

F Higher education institutions and further education colleges in Scotland

G Student participation in Scottish higher education in 1994/95

H Profile of academic staff in Scottish higher education 1994/95