Liberty Lecture: AI and the Law in the 2020s

Wednesday 18 October 2023
5:00pm - 6:00pm
Liberty Building (Moot Court) LT (1.28)
Lectures and seminars
General public, Alumni

Professor Richard Susskind will deliver the School of Law's annual Liberty Lecture on AI and the Law in the 2020s.

Professor Richard Susskind will be delivering the School of Law's annual Liberty Lecture. He is a world-leading authority on the future of legal services whose work has been translated into at least 18 languages. In this lecture, Professor Susskind will explore how changing technologies of artificial intelligence are creating challenges and opportunities for the law and what this means for the future.

While work on the use of AI in the law can be dated to the late 1970s, the field has taken flight in the 2020s, largely because of remarkable advances in generative AI. In this lecture, Richard Susskind will travel back to the 1980s and speak of his original doctoral research in that period as well as his work as the co-developer of the world’s first commercial AI system for lawyers. He will then reflect on more recent advances in machine learning and consider their likely impact in the coming decade on access to justice, legal practice, the public court system, and legal education. He will anticipate a legal world radically transformed by AI.

All are welcome.

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