Inclusion for our time

Wednesday 20 July 2022
5:00pm - 7:00pm
Business School Maurice Keyworth SR (G.31)
Lectures and seminars
General public

In this hybrid event, we will explore opportunities and potential barriers to providing inclusive education for pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) in mainstream education.

Joanne Callaghan, specialist teacher for SEND with a local authority, will set out what this role entails and will consider critically how she aims to enable inclusion in mainstream schools and how far she is able to meet this aim.

A key part of her role is to foster inclusion by supporting schools and settings to increase their capacity to meet need, and to improve outcomes and life chances for children and young people.

We will expand this discussion to include a number of guest panellists who have first-hand experience of inclusive practice as educational practitioners in both mainstream and specialist SEND settings.

You will have the opportunity to post questions both prior to and during the presentation and discussion and to contribute to the debate in the second half of the session.

Chaired by Anita Collins, Programme Manager for Learning and Teaching (SEND). The panel includes some students from the programme who have experience of working in special education needs and disabilities as well as the following external guest: Mandy Torbitt, Swarthmore Centre Study Programme Manager.

The programme delivers specialist provision for young people aged 16–25 who have additional support needs, providing academic, social, personal and employability support.

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