Exploring resilience in the UK seafood system

Wednesday 19 July 2023
12:00pm - 12:40pm
Online event
Lectures and seminars
General public

The Global Food and Environment Institute (GFEI) invites you to join our July 2023 webinar.

The Global Food and Environment Institute (GFEI) invites you to join our July 2023 webinar 'Exploring resilience in the UK seafood system: Is circular economy a useful concept for developing resilience thinking in food systems research?'

During this talk, Dr Rebecca St Clair, Lecturer in Sustainable Food Systems, School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds, will highlight the findings of her research in this area.

The UK seafood system functions within a turbulent context and is vulnerable to a multitude of potential shocks and stresses including impacts related to Brexit, COVID-19, and climate change. Seafood production is also associated with environmentally damaging impacts such as the depletion of fish stocks and pollution. To ensure sustainable seafood production for future generations, seafood businesses must be resilient in the face of future disruptions.

This presentation brings together research on the UK seafood system that has explored the resilience of seafood businesses in the UK and considered whether alignment with the principles of circular economy can enhance resilience. It will present findings from research that explored UK seafood businesses’ engagement with circular economy actions, their perceptions of risk, and the impacts they experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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