Environmental Groups and Legal Expertise

Wednesday 3 November 2021
3:00pm - 4:00pm
Online event
Lectures and seminars

Professor Carolyn Abbot and Professor Maria Lee join us to discuss their book, Environmental Groups and Legal Expertise.

Speakers: Professors Carolyn Abbot (University of Manchester) and Maria Lee (UCL).

Commentator: Dr Joanne Hawkins (University of Leeds).

Professors Abbot and Lee join us to discuss their book, Environmental Groups and Legal Expertise, recently published open access with UCL Press.

The book explores the use and understanding of law and legal expertise by environmental groups. Rather than the usual focus on the court room, it scrutinises environmental NGO advocacy during the extraordinarily dramatic Brexit process, from the referendum on leaving the EU in June 2016 to the debate around the new Environment Bill in the first half of 2020.

“This excellent book … offers a tantalizing glimpse of how legal expertise has a more substantive role to play in understanding and shaping the world. … It is fitting that two environmental lawyers who have looked beyond their own specializations into the domains of political science and expertise have produced such a rich case study on Brexit, NGOs, and the influence of cause lawyers.” Richard Moorhead, Environmental Groups and Legal Expertise: Shaping the Brexit Process (2021) 48(3) Journal of Law and Society 490.


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