Meet the researchers: immersive technology - virtual reality and pro-environmental behaviour

Thursday 25 November 2021
6:00pm - 7:00pm
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The webinar series

Meet the researchers: immersive technology – the new reality

Virtual reality (VR) is becoming the new normal at the University of Leeds as staff and students working in a range of disciplines embrace the technology.

Experts from across campus and beyond are driving forwards the use of immersive technologies to upskill the next generation and push the boundaries of possibilities in research from culture to climate and healthcare to education.

This webinar series highlights how cutting-edge research can provide new and innovative ways of using virtual reality to impact upon tomorrow’s society.

Join the Alumni and Development Team and the Centre for Immersive Technologies to meet the researchers who are accelerating the immersive technology revolution.

Dr Faisal Mushtaq, Associate Director of the Centre for Immersive Technologies, will chair the webinar series. Each webinar will include a 30 minute Q&A session.

This webinar

Virtual reality and pro-environmental behaviour

Thursday 25 November, 6–7pm

Virtual reality has recently started to be used as a tool to generate empathy and raise awareness for issues such as the impact of climate change. But does this experience of virtual reality translate into subsequent meaningful behaviour change?

In this webinar, PhD student Catherine Graves will provide an overview of her research exploring the relationship between virtual reality and behaviour change focusing on pro-environment and climate mitigating behaviour.

Recordings will be made available on the Leeds alumni events replay page.

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