Friday 25 February 2022
1:05pm - 1:55pm
Clothworkers' Centenary Concert Hall
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General public

Hailing from Leeds, Doomtet are the new kids on the UK Jazz scene with a sound that brings together intimate melodicism, lush harmony and intrepid improvisation.

Aside from the group’s Jazz influences (within whom they cite Kenny Wheeler, Maria Schneider, Wayne Shorter and Pat Metheny), heavier, darker tones are present within the music. This fusion is the essence of the Doomtet sound.

Band members:

  • Dave Edwards (bass guitar/electronics)
  • Anna Chandler (saxophone)
  • Will Blackstone (trumpet)
  • Nico Widdowson (keys)
  • Steve Hanley (drums)

Bandleader Dave Edwards – who can be found adorning his six-string electric bass, sitting jubilantly at the front of the band’s performances – consolidates a range of musical influences in his compositions for the group. Heavy Metal has featured as a source of joy for the bassist throughout his life, and woven into Doomtet’s improvisational Jazz structures are aggressive timbres drawn from acts like Meshuggah, This Will Destroy You, Intronaut and Deafheaven.

Melding his modern bass guitar approach (which harks to the likes of Janek Gwizdala and Rich Brown) with unique pedalboard wizardry, Edwards’ style certainly stands out – his uniquely classical posture notwithstanding.

In this concert, Doomtet will perform a range of original works, including some taken from their latest release ‘Live at the Escape Room’.