Chapter 11 Expenses financial procedures - travel and subsistence

Key Travel Bookings

  1. Key Travel provide an online booking facility, available at  This online service is suitable for routine travel requirements, such as UK train tickets, hotels and direct, short haul flights.  Key Travel also provide a telephone and email booking facility.  The offline service is suited to more complex travel requirements and itineraries, such as multi-stop inter-continental travel, international rail bookings, group bookings and travel to high-risk areas of the world.  The Key Travel service (either online bookings or offline bookings) can be used to book University travel arrangements for yourself, other members of staff, external contractors, visitors or students. 

  2. The Key Travel booking tool provides travellers with access to useful information about the country they are visiting including current security issues, cultural and religious sensitivities and local embassy contact details. This information is sent directly to the traveller, as required.

  3. To support efficiency in the booking process, all booking made via Key Travel will be subject to the following approvals process.

Cumulative total of booking

Authorisation process


Notification of booking sent to nominated signatory senior to the traveller following booking (i.e. line manager or budget holder)


Approval of booking required by nominated signatory senior to the traveller to process booking (i.e. line manager or budget holder)

Out of policy requests

Approval of booking required by the final approver for the school / service to process booking

All travel

Retrospective review of monthly reports by Faculty Finance/Service Manager(s), Head of School / Service and Purchasing Staff


  • Note that budget holders booking for themselves will also be required to comply with the process outlined above and all bookings over £500 will be subject to pre-approval.

  • Note that final approver must be the Head of School / Service or a delegated nominee, or a member of staff senior to the HoS/S post.
  1. Travel arrangements booked via the Key Travel online tool or via phone/email will not require a SIPR / Purchase Order.  The approvals process for the booking will be carried out within the Key Travel system and once reviewed / approved, the booking will be generated via the Key Travel booking system.

  2. Employees securing travel arrangements through Key Travel for other members of staff or non-members of staff will need to ensure the traveller can provide Key Travel (either online or via email or phone) with their personal details e.g. passport number, expiry date etc.

  3. All group travel (to include staff and/or students) should be booked via Key Travel.  Group travel is defined as 9 or more people travelling together on an international journey.   If an alternative booking route is required, the booker must provide justification on SIPR of why Key Travel were unable to provide value for money or meet the requirements.




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