Please note that policy requirements relating to Key Travel will not be applicable until your Faculty/Service has gone live with the Key Travel booking system.

Chapter 11 Expenses financial procedures - travel and subsistence



  1. An employee may request an advance of travel expenses up to the estimated total cost of expenditure in exceptional circumstances.  The money will be paid directly into the employee’s bank account on the last working day of the month. When this is not possible a claim for cash/currency/travellers cheques may be made.

  2. Faculties/Schools/Services are responsible for monitoring advances to their staff and ensuring recovery of any cash advance surplus from the employee within six weeks of their return.


  1. Advances may be paid to staff for authorised travel up to one month before departure on submission of an authorised Travel and Subsistence form sent to Payroll (normal Payroll deadlines for T&S forms apply).

  2. To claim any shortfall of the advance an authorised T&S claim form (supported by relevant receipts to be retained in the Faculty/School Service) must be submitted to Payroll as soon as possible, and no later than six weeks of return to the University. 


  1. Advances will normally be made by BACS transfer to the employee’s bank account.

  2. Advances claims in cash/currency/travellers cheques can be made from Cash Services for amounts up to £500 by completing a Travel and Subsistence form which must be authorised by the Faculty/School/Service.  For currency and travellers cheques, Cash Services must receive the form at least 5 working days prior to the monies being required for collection.

  3. For advance requests exceeding £500 and up to £2,500 in cash/currency/travellers cheques a Travel and Subsistence form must be completed and authorised by the Faculty/School/Service, and the request must be authorised by the Director of Finance or nominee. Cash Services must receive the form 10 working days prior to the monies being required for collection.

  4. Advances exceeding £2,500 must be approved by the Dean, Head of School/Service or nominee who must be satisfied that any previous advance has been repaid and that the cost of the new advance is justified.

  5. If a refund is due to the employee a claim should be made (supported by relevant receipts to be retained in the Faculty/School/Service).  The money due to the employee will be paid direct to their bank. If a balance is due to the University the employee should pay by cheque at Cash Services. Any currency or travellers’ cheques remaining unused should be returned by taking to Cash Services.

  6. The University reserves the right to recover any un-cleared advances outstanding by deduction from salary six weeks after the agreed return date: in signing a request for an advance, employees will authorise the University to recover any outstanding advances/balances from their salary.
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