Please note that policy requirements relating to Key Travel will not be applicable until your Faculty/Service has gone live with the Key Travel booking system.

Chapter 11 Expenses financial procedures - travel and subsistence

Projects abroad


  1. Employees who are required to undertake overseas travel in the course of their work may claim reimbursement for payments made in the countries visited when travelling or working on an overseas project.

Process - Accommodation & Travel Costs

  1. Accommodation and travel should be booked, in advance of the overseas project commencing, through SAP purchase orders or purchasing cards where possible.

  2. Staff can be provided with an advance prior to travelling in accordance with the normal rules. A T&S form must be completed and authorised.

  3. Employees travelling overseas on University business are automatically insured under the University travel insurance policy. The policy is available from the Insurance Office Website. The University does not reimburse the cost of travel insurance purchased elsewhere.

  4. The employee must obtain receipts and claim their reimbursement on return from the trip by submitting an overseas travel and subsistence claim to Payroll if using paper based forms, or via e-Expenses.

  5. Where the country does not have a reliable banking system an alternative method to reclaiming expenses may be sought. Contact the Financial Controller/Deputy Financial Controller if this is required.

  6. The amount of cash carried should be minimised for the employee’s own protection.  Cash taken overseas is taken at the employee’s own risk.

  7. Staff are advised to make use of available safety deposit facilities at their destination.

  8. Where a number of staff are on a project, cash should be distributed amongst the staff members to minimise the risk of loss. Each member of staff is accountable and responsible for the amount they hold which should be summarised and controlled in total by the lead member of staff responsible for making the return.

  9. The University reserves the right to reject the refund application where receipts are not provided and it is considered that the claim is unjustified or unreasonable.

Process - Payment for work done abroad by non-University staff

  1. Where local individuals are employed on a University project (e.g. as part of a research project in an overseas country) expenses may be reclaimed.

  2. If the individual is a UK citizen and has worked in the UK within the last two years, UK tax legislation should be taken into account and a Fees and Expenses form should be completed and submitted to Payroll. If this is not the case tax will not be deductible.

Process – Payment for work done abroad by non-UK university / organisation staff

  1. If the individual is an employee of another non-UK University or organisation, a Fees and Expenses form should be completed and submitted to Payroll.

  2. If the individual has a bank account, payment should be made direct to that account otherwise they should be asked to open one in their country of abode so that payments can be remitted.

  3. If the individual is based in an area without reliable banking services then there may be no alternative to paying cash. Where this does happen, the recipient must sign and date a receipt stating the amount received by them. This document must be returned with the rest of the supporting papers on the member of staff's return to the UK. Staff need to be aware of any local tax requirements which may apply and should enquire in the country concerned.

Process – On return from the visit

  1. On return from the visit, prior to any further advance and in accordance with the normal rules, the employee must complete a summary report attached to the expenses claim form detailing the cost of the trip with supporting receipts. The authorised form will be sent to Payroll after authorisation. If the funds have been used in a significantly different way to that planned, the reasons should be stated.


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