Please note that policy requirements relating to Key Travel will not be applicable until your Faculty/Service has gone live with the Key Travel booking system.

Chapter 11 Expenses financial procedures - travel and subsistence



  1. Employees can claim the actual, reasonable costs of food etc. supported by receipts. If a receipt cannot be obtained, the amount actually spent up to a maximum amount can be claimed in accordance with the expense rates table. Date and times of the period away from home/work and details of the actual expenditure must be included on the claim.

  2. Subsistence claims cannot be made in respect of conferences or visits where meals are provided as part of the conference or visit.

  3. If a business need arises for University employees to claim the reasonable cost of meals at restaurants local to their normal place of work, a claim for reimbursement should be made on an Authority for Payment form, or using e-Expenses under 'non-travel'. Full details of the reason for the claim and the names of the individuals concerned must be provided on the claim. The University will meet the cost only where there is a genuine business need and reserves the right to reduce a claim considered excessive or refuse it if considered unjustifiable.

  4. Where it is necessary for business purposes for employees of the University visiting other University locations to take meals with local university staff, staff canteen facilities at the location visited should be used where possible. If this is not possible and it is necessary for business to take place at normal meal times, the University will meet the reasonable cost of meals in local restaurants in respect of both the visiting and local employees. Full details of the reason for the claim and the names of the individual concerned must be provided.


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