For Staff

Research participants required

You can help Leeds researchers create knowledge that has a real impact on people’s lives by taking part in research studies.

School of Healthcare

aMIgO Peer Mentoring study: have you got what it takes to become a volunteer peer mentor for over 55s living with osteoarthritis of the hip or knee?

Sustainability Research Institute

Volunteers are invited to partake in a study about climate change from sustainability change agents conducted through the University.

School of Biomedical Sciences

Vascular responses to exercise: the interaction between age and gender.

School of Psychology

The Human Appetite Research Unit (within the School of Psychology) is looking for female volunteers to take part in a clinical trial investigating the effects of a supervised weight loss meal plan.

School of Psychology

This study explores how performing a stressful task affects your brain activity (EEG) and the potential for dietary supplements to influence this relationship. One 2 hour study visit.