For Staff

Research participants required

You can help Leeds researchers create knowledge that has a real impact on people’s lives by taking part in research studies.

Earth and Environment

We are looking for participants who can take part in some small cleaning tasks to help understand consumer preferences towards cleaning products.

School of Design

We are looking for families with at least one child aged between 8 months - 5 years to participate in our study which aims to identify commonly consumed food items and snacks.

Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering

What activities are appropriate after a hip replacement? I am looking to recruit healthy participants, between the ages of 60 and 80, to complete a number of daily tasks to determine this.

School of Psychology

In this laboratory-based study, we aim to explore the impact of a psychological stressor on stress-related thinking (rumination and worry) and subsequent health behaviours.

School of Healthcare

Making decisions on behalf of a person who is living with dementia.

Institute for Transport Studies

HGV drivers required for research into cyclist safety: Drive in the new truck simulator at the University of Leeds.