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UniForum Service Benchmarking Programme

In 2015, the University joined the first year of the UniForum Professional Service Benchmarking Programme in the UK. The UniForum programme enables us to benchmark the efficiency and effectiveness of our administration and support services against 17 other Russell Group Universities. Having initially signed up for to the programme for four years and committed to collecting data biennially, we are again collecting data in 2017 as part of the programme.

The data collected in the study provides insight into how we resource different activities and services that underpin and support our teaching and research with comparison to other peer institutions; and ensures we are able to develop the agility and responsiveness required to realise the ambitions set out in our Strategic Plan.

The programme is led by Cubane Consulting and was originally developed in Australia and New Zealand, where it has been running for eight years. The UK programme began in 2015 and there is now also a programme running in Canada.

The project is sponsored by the University Executive Group and is being managed by the Strategy and Planning team. Updates on the progress of the 2017 programme will be available through this website, the Reporter and further information about the programme as a whole can be found on the UniForum website.

There are 2 distinct elements of the UniForum Professional Services Benchmarking Programme – the Activity Data Collection (Staff and Supplier Collections) and the Service Effectiveness Survey.

The Activity Data Collection element of the programme was undertaken in August and September 2017 and identified how much time is being spent supporting different administration and support activities, as well as how much resource is contracted in to provide support services.

The second part of the programme, the Service Effectiveness Survey delivers insights into the effectiveness of university services as experienced by staff at the University. The Service Effectiveness Survey is running between 14 and 30 November 2017 and seeks feedback regarding key support services at the University: finance, purchasing services, human resources, information technology, marketing and student recruitment, research support, student and teaching support and facilities management. 

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UniForum Professional Services Benchmarking Programme

Contact the team coordinating the programme at Leeds.