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Pay 2019-20

2019-2020 final pay offer to be implemented

The Universities and Colleges Employers Association (UCEA) has issued advice to its employer members to implement the final pay offer. All employees on the University’s salary scale will receive the increase in their September pay, backdated to 1 August 2019.

For colleagues employed on our salary scales, the final offer means:

  • at least 1.8% base pay increase for all employees (see new salary pay points on the HR website)
  • base pay increases of between 1.82% and 3.65% for colleagues on points 2-16 on the pay spine (1.8% for point 17 and above)
  • removal of spine point two from the 50-point pay scale from 1 April 2020, meaning the lowest pay point will be point three.

The basic 1.8% to 3.65% pay increase is just one element of total pay, reward and recognition.

Pay increases for approximately half of our colleagues also include service increments, promotion and other contribution-related pay increases (additional scale increments, discretionary increments and one-off payments).

More than 4,000 (45%) colleagues receive at least 4.8% when taking service increments into account (1.8% base pay increase + 3% service increment, paid at the appropriate service date). 

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2019/20 pay offer to be implemented in September

The sector pay body (UCEA) has issued advice to employers, including Leeds, to implement the base pay increase of between 1.8% and 3.65%, depending on pay point.

Pay 2019-20 dispute resolution meetings

Universities & Colleges Employers Association (UCEA) and the recognised trade unions have now held two dispute resolution meetings, on 16 and 25 July.

2019-20 Pay: consultation outcome and next steps

Unions have rejected the employers’ final offer on pay for 2019-20 and are entering the dispute resolution procedure.

2019-20 Pay update

This year’s pay negotiations have concluded with an offer to increase base pay by 1.8% up to 3.65%, according to pay point. Trade unions are now planning to consult members on the offer.

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