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The Institute of Physics (first ever) Physics technicians meeting.

On Wednesday 7th March 2018 the Institute of Physics (IOP) held a bespoke Physics Technicians event at the University of Nottingham.

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Jackie Hudson:
a technician under the microscope

Excited by science as a school girl, Jackie started out as a trainee technician and will end her career in April 2019 as a technical specialist in high resolution microscopy and laboratory manager.

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The future's bright- the future’s PURPLE!

You may have noticed this winter the purple lights in the Plant Growth Suite greenhouses on the side of the Manton building.

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Join the Technicians’ Network Steering group

If you are interested in becoming more involved in the Technicians’ Network, and would like to participate in shaping the future of technical staff read on to find out about the steering group.

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