Problems and complaints


If you have any enquiries or experience any difficulties with the University's Publication scheme or need a response to a request for information, please get in touch with us by contacting the Freedom of Information (FOI) Officer at the University's Secretariat:


If you wish to complain about the response you have received or to request a review of the University's decision, you should contact the University’s Complaints Officer, in writing:

Your complaint will be dealt with in line with the principles set out by the Information Commissioner for the internal review of FOI request responses, and in line with the University’s internal complaints procedures.

In particular, you should expect:

  • Receipt of the complaint to be acknowledged within five working days.
  • A reasoned judgement upon your complaint within 20 working days; or
  • In complex cases, a reasoned judgement within 40 working days.
  • To be kept informed of the progress of any investigation.
  • A clear explanation of any delay in responding to your complaint.
  • To receive information about how to contact the Information Commissioner if you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint.

The University aims to balance the rights of the complainant and those of any person complained against; all parties must be treated with respect. A complainant should not expect to suffer any reprisals for making a complaint or requesting a review in good faith, and any evidence of recrimination should be brought immediately to the attention of the University’s Complaints Officer.