GFEI and the Youth Act4Food Act4Change initiative

The Global Food and Environment Institute (GFEI) is a supporting partner of the Youth Act4Food Act4Change initiative.

We encourage you to make a pledge with Act4Food to urge all people, particularly governments, businesses, UN agencies and young people to act boldly and promptly.

The Act4Food Act4Change pledge campaign is an extraordinary initiative spearheaded by youth to solve global problems, including global hunger and malnutrition. We believe that the collective voice of the younger generations holds great power, and will lead to impactful, overdue, and necessary change.

Dr Lawrence Haddad, 2018 World Food Prize Laureate, Executive Director of GAIN

The pledge

“We pledge to act. And we demand urgent large-scale action from others, especially from decision-makers in government and business.

We know our current food systems contribute to ongoing health, climate and biodiversity crises, and violation of human rights.

We will only be able to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with a fundamental transformation of our food systems.

While young people have been excluded from most political and economic decision-making processes, they are also the ones who will live the longest with the consequences of decisions made today.”

How to get involved

We have the power to take action ourselves and the right to demand urgent large-scale action from decision-makers in government and business to defeat hunger, improve sustainable healthy diets and improve our planet.

#Act4Food #Act4Change

Please take a look at Act4Food’s upcoming activities and events webpage to get involved.