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During the course of this stage of the tutorial you have explored two main subjects: the identity of the first person to use the word electricity and whether those who used the term were talking about something that we would recognise as electricity. Now that you have reached the end of the tutorial, you should be able to explain give an overview of the following issues:

You will also have developed a number of skills that are important for historical research. For example, you will have learned how to:

These skills will be of particular use when it comes to researching essays and BA dissertations. Furthermore, these skills will help you with the next, more advanced stage of this tutorial. Indeed, whilst you have explored the contexts in which the word electricity was first used, you have yet to address the question of what scientists have thought electricity actually is. The next stage of the tutorial deals with that question and the wide-ranging debate that there has been about it. Like what you have done so far, the next stage of the tutorial should help you identify subjects from the history of ideas about electricity that have so far received little study and are suitable for further historical research.

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