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Popular Writing About Electricity

Now take a look at these quotes from popular writing on electricity in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries:

"[It is] impossible for me to tell what Electricity is! I cannot even learn myself from our greatest Scientists "what Electricity really is". They know how to collect it, or "generate" it, also many methods of utilising it the benefit of mankind."

From Maud Lancaster, Electric Cooking Heating, Cleaning, etc: being a manual of electricity in the service of the home (1914)

"It seems inexplicable to the public at large that the mystery surrounding electricity is not dispelled. The successful business man, who prides himself upon always getting to the bottom of everything, cannot understand why this one problem, as he believes, remains unsolved, and, perhaps unconsciously thinks that if his work had been in this direction, his 'hustling' abilities would have produced a more favourable result than that attained by scientific theorists."

From Electrical World, 1893

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