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The Nature of Electricity

Look closely at this further passage from William Preece's article "The Nature of Electricity":

"It seems incredible that, having utilized this great power of Nature to such a wide and general extent, we should be still in a state of mental fog as to the answer that is to be given to the simple question - What is Electricity? The engineer and the physicist are completely at variance on this point. The engineer regards electricity, like heat, like light, like sound as definite form of energy, something that he can generate and destroy, something that he can play with and utilise, something he can measure and apply. The physicists - at least some physicists, for it is difficult to find any two physicists that completely agree with one another - regard electricity as peculiar form of matter pervading all space as well as all substances together with the luminiferous ether which it permeates like a jelly or a sponge."

William Preece, 'The Nature of Electricity,' Nature (1880)

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