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Conclusions from this stage

During the course of stage (i) of this tutorial you have explored a range of issues connected relating to the process through which electricity became domesticated. Now that you've reached the end of stage (i), you should have acquired enough knowledge of the subject to answer the following questions:

In learning about those subjects, you will have developed a more general set of skills.

These skills include:

These skills will be of particular use when it comes to researching and writing essays. Furthermore, these skills will help you with the next, more advanced stage of this tutorial, which builds on what you've learnt here by exploring the different roles played by men and women in the domestication of electric technologies, such as the electric light. In exploring those different gender roles you will get the opportunity to investigate a number of understudied subjects relating to them. Exploring those subjects will be particularly useful if you looking for a topic on which to write an undergraduate dissertation.

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