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Not everyone likes the arc light!

Consider the following poem “Lines to the Electric Light at the G.W. Railway Terminus”, which was published in 1888 by the St. James Gazette:-

Twinkle, twinkle, little Arc
Sickly, blue uncertain spark
Up above my head you swing
Ugly, strange, expensive thing.

Now the flaring gas is gone
From the realms of Paddington
You must show your quivering light
Twinkle, blinkle, left and right.

Cold, unlovely, blinding star
I've no notion what you are
How your wondrous "system" works
Who controls its jumps and jerks

Though your light perchance surpass
Homely oil or vulgar gas
Still, (I close with this remark)
I detest you, little Arc.

According to the poem, why shouldn't we have electric light in our homes?

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