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Mrs. Gordon and the Electric Light

Now type '170' into the page box icon of the Bookreader program and read the final chapter of Decorative Electricity—a book by Mrs. Alice Gordon, which was published in 1891 and answer the questions below:

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On pages 153 and 154, Mrs Gordon writes that:

“In all other branches of science, the experiments are carried out in private, and generally with friendly assistance, and when the day’s work is done, the experimenter can rest till morning and start refreshed on another day of toil. In the development of the public distribution of electricity for lighting purposes, from the very nature of the problem involved, every experiment has had to be made in public, and every failure has been immediately exposed to the criticism, not only of friends but of an indifferent public, and of those who, for various reasons of their own, desired failure.”

Now answer the following questions:-

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