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'Electric Cooking, Heating and Cleaning'

Aside from dealing with the problems that scientific experts had when trying to explain what electricity is, personifying electricity had other uses.

Take a look at 'Electric Cooking, Heating and Cleaning' published in 1914.

Frontispiece from Maud Lancaster's Book

Who was the book written by and what is it about?

Maud Lancaster writes on page one of Electric Cooking, Heating, Cleaning, that:

"The following pages are feeble efforts of mine to help my 'sisters in distress' and to convince them of the wonderful blessings provided for us by nature's gift of Electricity which, aided by scientific research and inventions, is capable of doing so much toward bettering the home life."

On page 26 of the book, the Lancasters then write that:

"It is only a beginning to install lamps for lighting in a house, although an important step in the right direction, and what is wanted is an educational campaign to bring home to consumers who merely use their installation for lighting that the good fairy of electricity can do greater things than these for them."

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