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During the course of this tutorial you have explored a range of different personifications of electricity and also of gas. Having done so, you should have developed a good understanding of the following subjects:

Furthermore, you will also have developed your general historical skills.

You will also have developed skills that will help you not only with the other tutorials on this website but also with other work. These skills relate to your ability to:

However, what you have learned during this stage of the tutorial does not represent the end of the subject. On the contrary, you have dealt with only a small sample of the images, books, and artwork related to the personification of electricity and gas during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, which means there are a wide range of questions - a number of which will no doubt have occurred to you - that still have to be explored.

You could pursue these questions in an extended piece of research, such as a BA or MA dissertation, and could even turn unanswered questions into a proposal for further research. To learn more about these options, take a look at the information about postgraduate study in the Centre for History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Leeds or contact Prof. Graeme Gooday, author of Domesticating Electricity: Technology, Uncertainty, and Gender, 1880-1914, directly.

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