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'A Giant in a Germ'-1

Take a look at this cartoon and its accompanying caption from an issue of the British periodical Punch, which was published on the 25th June 1881:

Punch Cartoon Giant in Germ Punch cartoon giant in germ text

"If this young spark, as is fancied by THOMSON,

Turns out a true Titan-Ariel-Puck,

Who, without mischief, will carry huge romps on,

All I can say is, the world is in luck!"

From - 'A Giant in a Germ: what will he come to?' Punch, 25th June 1881

Examine the cartoon closely. What, according to the caption and the accompanying verse is going on?

In order to answer this question, you might want to identify the different parts of the cartoon and the various references in the verse:

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