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Information for Teachers About this Resource

These web pages contain a series of tutorials that have been produced by Prof. Graeme Gooday's University Teaching Fellowship project in relation to his book Domesticating Electricity: Technology, Gender and Uncertainty, 1880-1914 (Pickering and Chatto, 2008).. The aim of this project is to promote research-led learning for undergraduates and postgraduates in the field of history and philosophy of science. To this end, the tutorials on this website introduce students to the aims and methods of researchers in history and philosophy of science and encourage students to think about how research differs to pre-university learning experiences. In using the tutorials, students will learn about the nature of research and acquire foundational research skills.

The three tutorials are:-

  1. "Just What is Electricity?"
  2. "Illuminating the Uses of Electricity?"
  3. "Representing Electricity"

Each tutorial is divided into three stages (i-iii) that are intended for the following audiences:

  • Stage (i): Students who have never studied history and philosophy of science and have yet to study at university.
  • Stage (ii): Students who are already studying at a university and are looking for possible topics about which to write a BA dissertation.
  • Stage (iii): Postgraduate students who are looking for a dissertation topic or thinking about exploring subjects that might be made into a PhD proposal.

The project team responsible for designing these tutorials includes: Prof. Graeme Gooday, Chris Renwick, Kersten Hall, and Max Broady.

Please contact Prof. Graeme Gooday for any enquiries.

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