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Electricity On-Line:

Understanding How Life Became Electrified.

How to Use this Resource

This website consists of three individual tutorials, which you can take separately, although if you are doing all three then we recommend that you take them in the following order:

  1. "Just What is Electricity?"- how did people try to explain electricity?
  2. "Illuminating the Uses of Electricity"- how did people try to use it in the home?
  3. "Representing Electricity"- why did people depict electricity in a human form?

For each of these you will need to use a search engine - there is a google search box on each page.

Each tutorial contains three stages:

  1. Introduction - for anyone to try out.
  2. Intermediate - for students in Higher Education.
  3. Advanced - for students in Higher Education who are looking for a research/dissertation project.

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