Medieval Craft Fair

Medieval Craft Fair

The Medieval Craft Fair will take place in the Leeds University Union Foyer on Wednesday 04 July, 10.30-19.30, and as part of Making Leeds Medieval in Leeds University Union on University Square and in the Marquee on Thursday 05 July, 10.30-18.00. A variety of handmade items using and inspired by medieval craft techniques will be showcased. Come see the range of unique items on offer!

Currently Confirmed Exhibitors

Anachronalia: Accessories and hand-bound books inspired by the past, present, and possible futures.

Carved Strings: Medieval games and musical instruments, such as bone dice, stone dice, leather and wooden boards for taafl games; signal horns; as well as medieval stringed instruments such as harps.

Corium Artificium Medieval-style leather bags and pouches, candlesticks, drinking horns, cast jewellery made using traditional techniques.

D-ART Francisca: Artistic jewellery.

Early Music Shop: A selection of historical musical instruments.

Elf Gift Stained Glass: Stained glass art to uplift and lighten, inspired by history, mythology, and legend.

FiftyEleven: Hand tooled, lovingly crafted, historically inspired woodwork and pyrography.

Gemmeus: Historical reproduction and inspired jewellery, handcrafted in sterling silver and set with precious and semi-precious gemstones and pearls.

Hare and Tabor Clothing, greetings cards, postcards, and jewellery inspired by folklore and folk traditions.

John Hudson Claypotter: Medieval and post-medieval reproduction pottery.

The Mulberry Dyer: Naturally dyed fibres, yarn, and cloth, small textile tools and related items.

Pen to Press: Tea towels, coasters, cocktail napkins, matches with images from medieval and Early Modern manuscripts and incunabula.

Pretender to the Throne: Historically inspired, handmade soft furnishings and ceramics.

The Scrivener's Bookenbooth: Medieval romances writ by living authors, with hand-illuminated bookmarks.

Tanya Bentham: Embroidery, embroidery kits, and related merchandise.

Tillerman Beads handmade by Mike Poole: Handmade glass lampwork beads based on originals from archaeological reports and museum artefacts.

Trinity Court Potteries: Replica medieval pottery from original sources.

Viking Agenda: Office items with motifs inspired by medieval manuscripts.