Welfare and Wellbeing

Medical Treatment

NHS walk-in centres offer convenient access to treatments for minor illnesses and injuries.The nearest walk-in centre to campus is:

Shakespeare Medical Practice
Cromwell Mount

Go to Shakespeare Medical Practice website or find it on Google Maps


Lloyds Pharmacy is located on Woodhouse Lane, opposite the Parkinson Building. Open 09.00-18.00, Monday-Friday.

Find Lloyds Pharmacy on Google Maps

Emergency Medical Care

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, you can visit the Emergency Department at Leeds General Infirmary, a short walk from campus. Access to the Emergency Department is via the Jubilee Wing on Calverley Street.

Go to the Emergency Department website

Lactation Room

University House: Woodsley Room

This room will be a private, comfortable space, close to a sink and accessible bathroom. It will provide facilities for breastfeeding women who want to express milk during the day. Paper towels, wet wipes, and labels will be provided and you will have access to a refrigerator.

Open: Monday-Wednesday 09.00-21.00, Thursday 09.00-17.00

Quiet Room

University House: De Grey Room

This room will be open as a quiet place for relaxing away from the lively atmosphere of the IMC. Equipment such as earplugs will be available for you to take a break in your own company.

The quiet room is not intended as a space for socialising or practising your paper: please respect the needs of other delegates. Instructions on using the room will be available inside.

Open: Monday-Wednesday 09.00-21.00, Thursday 09.00-17.00

Addiction Support

Leeds is home to a large number of support groups and meetings for many different forms of addiction. Below are a few resources to help you find meetings nearby - please note this is not an exhaustive list and other forms of support may be available:

Find a Meeting - Alcoholics Anonymous UK
Meetings Search - Narcotics Anonymous UK
Meeting Finder - Gamblers Anonymous UK
Sex Addicts Anonymous in the UK

Dignity and Mutual Respect

All IMC delegates, exhibitors, and staff are expected to adhere to our Policy on Dignity and Mutual Respect and Social Media Policy. Read our policies

As our policy states, if you feel you are being harassed or bullied, notice harassing or bullying behaviour, or have any other concerns, please contact a member of IMC staff immediately. We value your attendance and will help contact security or police, provide escorts, or otherwise help you to feel safe throughout the IMC.

Further Welfare and Wellbeing Support

If you need any additional support at any time during the IMC, feel free to go to the Information and Payment Desk in the Refectory Foyer. We will do our best to help or signpost you to appropriate resources or services.