International Medieval Research 10

Front cover, IMR 10 - Click to enlargeThe White Mantle of Churches: Architecture, Liturgy, and Art around the Millenium
Edited by Nigel Hiscock

When a monk living at the beginning of the last millenium described Europe 'cladding itself everywhere in a white mantle of churches', he precipitated several questions for historians to answer. Was there a surge in church-building at the time? If so, what were the causes of this, and what were the purposes? Does it help to explain our understanding of Romanesque architecture and art? Was there a connection between the 'white mantle of churches' and the millenium? Did people believe the world was coming to an end?

The supposition of apocalyptic expectations at the time was until recently dismissed as romantic myth, but the arrival of our new millenium has brought a revival in interest in the dawn of the second millenium, and new evidence of millenial fears. Yet millenial studies and architectural history largely continue to follow separate, parallel paths. This book therefore aims to add the architectural evidence to the millenial debate, and to examine this formative period in relation to the evolution of Romanesque architecture and art. As our own millenium gets under way with continuing hesitancy between European aspiration and national identity, it is also of interest to compare our time with the Europe of a thousand years ago.

Articles in this volume include:

  • Historiarum libri quinque: Book Three, Chapter Four, by Rodulf Glaber
  • The Ottonian Revival: Church Expansion and Monastic Reform, by Nigel Hiscock
  • Architectural Developments in the Empire North of the Alps: The Patronage of the Imperial Court, by Richard Plant
  • Henry II's Renovatio in the Pericope Book and Regensburg Sacramentary, by Eliza Garrison
  • Monastic Architecture and the Gorze Reforms Reconsidered, by Warren Sanderson
  • Architecture and Liturgy in England c. 1000: Problems and Possibilities, by Helen Gittos
  • The Representational Liturgy of the Regularis Concordia, by Nils Holger Petersen
  • Anglo-Saxon Architecture beyond the Millenium: Its Continuity in Norman Building, by Malcolm Thurlby
  • Architecture and Liturgical Practice: The Cluniac galilaea, by Kristina Krüger
  • St Bénigne in Dijon as Exemplum of Rodulf Glaber's Metaphoric 'White Mantle', by Carolyn Malone
  • The Architecture and Sculpture of the Eleventh-Century Abbey Church of St Gernaun-des-Prés: Their Place in the Millenial Period, by Danielle Johnson
  • Architecture and Sculpture at Autun around the Millenium, by Sylvie Balcon, Walter Berry, & Christian Sapin
  • Church Building in Northern Italy around the Year 1000: A Reappraisal, by Charles B. McClendon
  • A New Architecture for a New Order: The Building Projects of Sancho el Mayor (1004 - 1035), by Janice Mann
  • The White Mantle of Churches: Millenial Dynamics, and the Written and Architectural Record, by Richard Landes